Preventing downtime
and unexpected costs

Being proactive in looking for problems before they happen is our ultimate goal with preventative maintenance services. Unscheduled break downs are not only frustrating, but tough on your bottom-line as well with lost labor, lost production, and expensive service calls. Our preventative maintenance allows you to minimize them from happening in the first place.


  • IFR Heat Scan
  • Label All Power Distribution
  • Investigate Wire Size and Fuses
  • Control Panel Inspection
  • Create Single Line Diagrams
  • Proper Install
  • Buss Duct Cleaning
  • Check Motor Loads & Overload Protection
  • Power Distribution Inspection
  • Create a Single Line Diagram
  • Check Breaker Panels
  • Code Compliance Survey
  • Survey Lighting Panels
  • Review Individual Circuits
  • Inspect Arc Fault and GFI Breakers
  • PLC & HMI Software Back Ups
  • Megger Testing