What We Do

With over 25 years of industrial experience, we have proven time and time again that we understand how to bring projects in under-budget and on-schedule. We're more than just a supplier.

Combined with our engineering team, we can design and program an automation system customized to you. We've worked on a variety of systems and industries.

Call us at 800-397-9744 any time...day or night. With us, your world becomes our world, your worries become our worries, and we will serve you in every way to get you back up and running.

The Serve Electric Panel Shop is an UL Approved Facility that tailors each cabinet to the exact specifications unique to your project, from design to installation.

Determine any electrical problems and stop them from becoming outages or safety hazards. Bring your facility up to code our our comprehensive, strategic maintenance and planning.

We combine decades of experience with today's technologies, providing real-world solutions which help reduce risk and improve safety in the workplace.

We understand that each customer is unique...with different needs and requirements. We start by analyzing the problem and finding a solution that keeps your return-on-investment in mind.

Whether installing a new line or trying to understand a grounding issue, our in-house testing services give us the information necessary to make solid decisions.

Powering industry. Empowering people.

We believe we are here to serve our customers and each other.

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Our Coverage Area

We are currently licensed in the following blue states and have reciprocal in the green states. If you have any questions about our licensing and availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.