Born in 1999, in Sterling Heights, MI, Serve Electric is a multi-dimensional electrical contractor. As an American company, through and through, we were founded on the mission to power industry and serve not only our customers – but each other – and exceed expectations, day in and day out.

  • 1999 - Company is founded in Sterling Heights, MI
  • 2006 - Opened Plymouth, MI Branch
  • 2019 - Opened Grand Rapids, MI Branch

How We Do It

We are driven by a genuine desire to hold Serve Electric, and the entire industry, to a higher standard of service and quality. We have and will continue to push the industry standard beyond the bar once set. From in-house training to our professional approach, we can assure you we will exceed all expectations.

Core Values


From our in-house training to our relentless service, we raise the bar for not only ourselves, but the entire industry, day in and day out. 


We entrust each team member to make decisions, use professional judgment and give them the tools to become more than they were yesterday.


We don't work just to check it off the list, we work here because we find true joy in finishing the job, pushing through the challenges and helping the team to succeed.


We're committed to the team. Meaning, we have each other's back, we genuinely care, and we see the value in varying strengths and weaknesses coming together to form a stronger whole.


We work in a demanding industry, that's not always predictable, but we support and encourage true work-life balance...understanding that it may look different for everyone.

Why We Do It

While some may believe that in order for someone to win, others must lose, we believe everyone can win. By empowering our employees and creating opportunities, we see our customers, employees, and our community succeed.

What We Do

Whether it be a problem or a necessary upgrade, we engineer a solution for our customers, plan and execute around that solution, including design, build, program, and install. Then, when it's all said and done, we'll maintain our work.


We have served thousands of industrial customers over 20 years by continually responding, adapting and learning. With us, their world becomes our world, their worries become our worries, and we serve them in every way possible.