Is your PLC Program prepared for natural disasters or human error?

As your partner through good and bad, we want to be sure you're prepared for it all.

Power surges, natural disasters, system glitches, human error and accidental damage can cause your PLC to go offline. The result? A dip in your productivity and possibly extended downtime, unless you're prepared.

Almost like buying an insurance policy, backing up your PLC Program can help:
  • Increase peace of mind: Find security in knowing you're prepared for the unpredictable.
  • Avoid extended downtime: You'll find yourself waiting for the original integration company to provide a program copy...if they have one.
  • Decrease safety issues: Damaged PLC data results in improper function, potential equipment damage and safety issues.
  • Decrese employee overtime: If your PLC is damaged, you can be sure extended time will be spent de-bugging and re-programming.
  • Save money: Recreating your PLC or HMI program from scratch can cost thousands of dollars.

Speaking off your PLC going offline, do you know when the backup battery was last replaced?

If your battery has not been replaced in the last 3 years, there is a high possibility of losing all program data if the PLC loses power.

Ready to back up your PLC?

And ensure your backup battery is in working order?


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