Serving in Detroit with Life Remodeled

Get out there and serve!

No matter what is happening in the world around us, there are continually ways to serve those in need. Our Central Office Team felt no different this year! When Life Remodeled announced it was going to continue with its Annual Six Day Clean Up service event, just with some COVID safety-related adjustments, our team jumped right in.

On October 5th, our team spent the afternoon cleaning a neighborhood block from blight in Detroit. By cleaning neighborhood blocks and alleyways, Detroit neighborhoods have seen serious reductions in crime year after year.

According to the team, some of their favorite highlights of the day were:

  • Working alongside community members to leave the block significantly better than they found it.
  • Making memories as a team and bonding!
  • Taking part in something greater than just our team.
  • Cleaning debris out of each others' hair at the end of the day.
  • Watching newer team members jump right into the action and go above and beyond.

Check out some photos from the day:

Serving is so important to us, we made it part of our team policy. Each team member is alotted a full day of paid service hours to volunteer for whichever cause or organization speaks to them.

Want to serve others at work too?

Join a team that believes serving others, in all that we do, is the ultimate goal.

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