Serve Electric Geographic Capabilities State License Map

Michigan and Beyond

While Serve Electric is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, that is only the beginning of our geographic capabilities. Each of our three branches (Sterling Heights, Plymouth, and Grand Rapids) has its own coverage area to provide quick service in an emergency; however, we are not limited by those boundaries.

In this blog post, we will break down each of the three branches’ territories, as well as our capabilities in crossing the Michigan border. 

Sterling Heights, Michigan Branch Coverage:

Branch address: 

6475 19 ½ Mile Road 

Sterling Heights, MI 48314 

 Sterling Heights has the capability to cover most of southeast Michigan, north of Detroit, all the way through the thumb. Thumb coverage also includes cities such as Midland, Bay City, and Saginaw. 


Plymouth, Michigan Branch Coverage

Branch Address:

15000 Cleat Street

Plymouth, MI 49512

The Plymouth branch covers a large portion of SE Michigan ranging from south of Detroit, down to the Ohio border, and as far west as Jackson.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Branch Coverage

Branch address: 

4475 44th Street SE 

Kentwood, MI 48170 

Grand Rapids has the ability to cover a large portion of Southwest Michigan including Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, through Holland and Grand Rapids, up to Muskegon and eastward.  


United States Coverage


Serve Electric Geographic Capabilities State License Map


Serve Electric is licensed in 15 states and has reciprocity with 17 additional states. Overall, we can work in 32/50 states. For larger products and for needs requiring beyond our existing licenses, we are happy to obtain a license in the states in which we are not currently licensed.

Here to Serve

If you have any questions about our geographic capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you’re down the street or a few states over, our commitment to exceed expectations and serve you in every way possible will always be our top priority. 

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