Picture this: It's Sunday. A pipe bursts in your plant and there's water all over your control cabinet for an integral piece of equipment.


What do you do?


Unfortunately, this was a reality for one of our customers. Oh, and it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Great timing, right?

That Sunday, after receiving the call, one of our electricians was on site, same-day to address the situation. The water completely fried the PLC for their air scrubbing machine. Which meant, with this machine down, they couldn't run production...at all.

Here are some photos of the damaged controls:

Ready to Serve

To us, serving means to put the needs of others first and making sacrifices for the betterment of others. Understanding the severity and urgency of the situation, our team dropped what we were doing to get them back up and running ASAP.

Once our technician went to replace the PLC, he learned the customer didn't have a recent copy of the program. Thus, one huge problem became that much bigger. That didn't stop our team.

By the end of that week, the customer was back into production.

Your Worries Become Our Worries

Serve isn't just a feel-good name to us. Serving is about taking the weight off your shoulders and putting it on ours. With us, your world becomes our world, your worries become our worries, and we'll serve you in every way possible.

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We're here to serve you!

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