If it's broken,
fix it and save

Lower your production costs by repairing electronic equipment instead of replacing it. Serve Electric has a well-established history of handling a wide range of repairs, including component level failures, elemental damage and software corruption.

While we don't repair in-house, our years of industrial service have connected us with a huge network of vendors that are best-in-class. The volume we send them allows us access to significant discounts and quick turnarounds that surpassed our ability to provide this service in-house.


  • Drives and Inverters
  • Chart Recorders
  • Circuit Boards
  • CNC Components
  • Data Recorders
  • Digital Scales
  • Encoders
  • Machine Interfaces
  • Motion Controllers
  • Operator Interfaces
  • PLC Controllers
  • Power Supplies
  • Relay Boards
  • Light Curtains
  • Sensors
  • Servo Drives
  • Timers
  • Vector Drives
  • Welder Control Units