Create a

We're always up for a challenge. When presented with a problem, we'll use real data, testing, and the skills of our multi-faceted team to find a solution that works for you, keeping your ROI in mind.

Plan &

Once we have the solution, a plan is put in place. Between design, custom panels, repair, programming, and installation, we have all the tools and resources to execute exactly what you need.

Succeed &

Once it's all said and done, we'll make sure the work completed stays up-to-date, on track, and in tip-top shape. From preventative maintenance to 24-hour emergency service, we're ready to serve you at all times.

Safety is our top priority

throughout all steps of our approach.

To learn more about our unique approach, watch this video:


With an internal engineering team, we come up with a solution for you that keeps your return-on-investment in mind. To do this, we create design-build solutions off of testing and real data.



While we don't repair in-house, our years of industrial service have connected us with a huge network of vendors that are best-in-class. The volume we send them allows us access to significant discounts and quick turnarounds that surpassed our ability to provide this service in-house.


The Serve Electric Panel Shop is an UL Approved Facility that tailors each cabinet to the exact specifications unique to your project. We use only the best products from trusted manufacturers.


Combined with our engineering team, we can design and program an automation system that is customized to you. Our programmers have worked on many complex systems in a variety of industries.


Our expertise allows us to efficiently install and maintain the equipment necessary to keep America up and running. We're passionate about providing highly specialized services for industrial electrical applications.


On a proactive maintenance level, we will inspect and test every aspect necessary to ensure your system is running optimally at all times. Of course, we wish things never went wrong, but if they do, we have 24-hour service available with access to a vast network of material and supplies...even after hours.