All work and no play...

You know the rest. And we try to avoid dullness here.

It's important for us to spend time as a team away from the shop and job sites. That precious time spent away from the distractions of the day-to-day, allows our teams to unite more than ever before. Having fun and getting to know each other better actually makes us better teammates, more efficient employees and better leaders.

Recent Outings

So how do we have fun? Depends on what the team is feeling! Two recent examples are from our Service and Automation Team and our Plymouth Branch.

Service and Automation Team Top Golf

The Service Team went to Top Golf, enjoyed good food and drinks, and had plenty of fun battling it out for top scores. It was a great evening!

The Plymouth Branch went to Knocker Ball. Battling it out and knocking your teammates around is not only fun, but totally hilarious.

Want to join the fun?

If you're interested in joining a team that not only works hard and exceeds expectations, but has fun while doing it, check out our job openings! You never know, you could find your perfect career fit with us at Serve Electric.

View our job openings and apply today!

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