Serve Electric Service and Automation

There’s a machine over there collecting dust. In its hay day, it boosted production more than ever before. Times have changed, though, and it has been pushed out by something more efficient. 

Can you relate? 

Too often we see our customers with machines taking up space, not realizing what an asset they could be to production. Usually, an old machine like that is strong mechanically, but just needs an upgrade in the technology department.

Cue: Serve Electric. 

PLC Programming Serve Electric

This machine was sitting for a while unused in a customer’s facility. Now, sitting in our Panel Shop, it’s being brought back to life...upgraded! In this case, our team is installing a new drive to make it more efficient and up to date.  

Once complete, this machine, that was once unused and wasting space, will be utilized in production processes. Ultimately, the life of the machine is extended, production outcomes are increased and overall costs are cut.

We call this a win-win-win! 

Have an old machine that's ready for a second chance?

Give us a call or contact us to see how our programming and automation team serve you! 

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