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When a current customer called and needed extensive help at a new job site, we did exactly what we always do: figure out how to get a full team there quickly and then serve in every way possible.

Receiving positive customer feedback is just a perk of what we get to do on a day-to-day basis, but this recent email felt like a great one to share.


I want this crew to be recognized for their efforts. They got thrown into a pile of POO and they’ve literally pulled us from the trenches and got us back on course. I’ve been pretty hard on these guys also.

Jacob has been hard at work tracing all these hornets nest of wires. He’s very good and detailed at what he does.

Ronald is the hardest working guy out of the bunch. I’ve learned the hard way not to ask how he’s doing cause man, does he have some stories to tell.

Cody & Cody  (Little Cody, Tall Cody) kinda like Big Enis & Little Enis on Smokey and the Bandit. I’ve done decided these two are brothers from another mother. They work great together and get in trouble by me together just the same 😉.

Dwayne I’ve been the hardest on, but he’s taken it like a champ. He’s a doer, not a follower and really gets it done!

Trent and Brian, the “conduit guys” I call ‘em, take great pride in their work and if that conduit is .0067° off, they’ll find it and bend and beat the snot out of it till it looks just right.

I think you’ve got another guy out here too. He spends so much time runnin around putting little fires out, he’s too darn fast to keep up with to introduce myself.

Thanks for the assist!

While it's always awesome to hear that the team completed the work well, the really great thing about this email is seeing the relationships that were formed between our team and the customer. That's what it's all about for us.

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