Apprenticeships in the Skilled Trades

While any job in the skilled trades will require some form of training, some trades require more formalized training than others. The training required for each trade can usually be obtained through vocational schooling or an apprenticeship. 

An apprenticeship is on-the-job training with a mentor currently working in the field combined with classroom training. It is an earn-as-you-learn program where apprentices are paid during their training and typically earn a certification or credential at the completion of the program.  

Apprenticeships: What to Look For

If you’ve decided obtaining an apprenticeship is the path for you, it’s important to look for a company that takes its in-house training seriously and follows the state requirements. Here are some things to look for: 

  • Is it a registered U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship? 
  • Who are their approved training providers? (Ex. Electricians must work under a Master Electrician to obtain approved hours) 
  • Do they offer scholarships or incentives for completing classes? 
  • Is the training a combination of real and virtual learning atmospheres? 
  • What are the job prospects after completing your apprenticeship? 

Serve Electric Industrial Electrical Apprenticeship

If you’ve decided to become an industrial electrician, we believe the first and best place you should look for an apprenticeship is at Serve Electric (obviously). We don’t just say that biasedly, though. In fact, we started our in-house training program because after years of not having one, we realized there was a lack of training facilities that met our standards of effectively training industrial electricians.  

Our U.S. Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program is overseen by one of our many Master Electricians. His full responsibility is overseeing in-house training. Compared to other training programs, our apprentices learn the fundamentals and details within the industrial electrical trade, rather than commercial or residential. Our four-year program entails a combination of on-the-job and classroom training, all while being paid.  

Career Growth with Serve Electric

Training our apprentices and seeing them flourish into journeymen, project managers, and even branch managers is why we do what we do. For us, and our team, there is no better sight to see than a first-year apprentice growing into a branch manager over the years. Serving isn’t just something we do for our customers. We are here to serve our employees by giving them the resources and knowledge that they need to grow a successful career.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our in-house training, contact us at 

June 24, 2019

What’s the pay for an apprentice that isn’t exactly green? I’m referring to my brother, not me.

March 9, 2020

Hi Mike – sorry for the delayed response. Our pay varies depending on the experience each apprentice has.

March 9, 2020

Hello my name is Jesus Miguel Caudillo. I was reading a magazine that had a article piece of server electric and a pre apprenticeship program at durfee . The reason why i am asking is cause i am currently working with some one who office is in durfee. I want to know if your still accept application i am really interested be a electrician.

March 9, 2020

Hi Jesus – thanks for reaching out! If you are a Detroit resident, we offer pre-apprentice training through our non-profit foundation, Serve Foundation. You can learn more about that here: If you aren’t a resident of Detroit, we do hire apprentices with limited experience on a limited basis. You can apply for our open positions here:

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